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A story of Three Beads

Once upon a time, gentlemen, honorable people, words were not sweet except by mentioning the
Prophet, peace, and blessings are upon him, there was a very poor woodcutter who lived with his
mother in a small hut and all the people loved the woodcutter because he was a good and
respectful man.
One day the woodcutter woke up from his sleep like every day, put on his clothes, and carried his
tools and went to the forest to search for firewood, and when the kind woodcutter arrived in the
the forest he met an old man standing under the tree, and the woodcutter asked him: What are you
doing here on your own under the tree?

So the old man kept silent as he looked at the woodcutter and responded, saying: You can, after
your permission, answer me, drink water, and because the woodcutter is a good man and loves to
help people, he went to the well in the middle of the forest and brought water to the old woman
and said to him, Take water.
The old man took water and when he finished thanking the woodcutter and gave him three grains
of wheat, then the woodcutter was amazed at that strange gift and said to the old woman: And I
will do what is left with 3 pills of wheat? No cure for the disease.
Without any introduction, the old man disappeared, so the woodcutter took the three pills and
went until he got lost on a road he did not know until he found himself in a strange country he
had not gone to before.

While he was walking in the streets, people suddenly heard it saying that the king had been
blinded and had announced a reward of one hundred camels loaded with gold to those who heal
him or go blind, but whoever tries and will fail in his attempts will be killed by the king.
At that time, the woodcutter remembered the three pills that the old woman had given him and
the old woman’s words about them, so the woodcutter decided at that time to trust in God and go
to the king, and when the woodcutter entered the king, he said to him: I will cure you of your
illness and the king replied saying: If you fail, I will kill you.

The woodcutter agreed with the king’s words, and the woodcutter gave the king a grain of wheat,
and the king was actually cured of blindness, so the king ordered his soldiers to give the
woodcutter the reward, and then the woodcutter left the palace and went on his way walking in
the desert and found a blind dog with her young, so he threw a grain of wheat to her and was
cured. Then he told himself: I’m like this one love, but what will he do with it? Then the woodcutter
continued his way and while he was on his way, a group of bandits attacked him wanting to steal
from him the reward that the king had given him, but the dog that the woodcutter had treated
hastened to defend him. And her little ones.

The woodcutter continued his way until he reached his poor mother and found her pain in her
eyes and that she wanted to eat, so the woodcutter gave her the remaining grain of wheat, and she
was cured and she felt full, and they lived happily ever after.