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Cocky chick

So is a naughty chick, despite his young age, opposes his brothers, and cannot stand to stay in the house, and his mother warns him not to go out alone so that the animals and large birds do not harm him, his mother’s sway and went out alone, and he said to himself: It is true that I am young and weak, but I will prove to my mother that I am brave And dare.

On the way, the chick met the big goose and stood before it steadily, so she stretched out her neck and said: He said to her: I do not fear you… He walked on his way and met sowoafter that dog, and stood before him steadfastly as well .. so the dog extended its head, and barked loudly: It is .. it .. Then the chick turned to him and said: I am not afraid of you.

Then Sow walked until he met the donkey …. He said to him: It is true that you are greater than a dog, but .. as you can see, I do not fear you! The donkey a: E .. e ..! He left the chick and left. Then he met the camel, and he called him at the top of his voice and said: You camel are greater than a goose, a dog, and a donkey, but I do not fear you.

He passed by the bee’s house, so he entered steady and reassuringly, and suddenly he heard an annoying buzz, and a small bee attacked him and stung him with its needle in his head, so he ran quickly while following him, until he entered the house, and closed the door on himself. Umm Sousa said to him: The big animals must have frightened you. Gasping, he said: I have challenged all the adults, but this little bee knew me as much as myself.