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Gifts for Bank Note Collectors 2021

2020 Youth Coin and Currency Set

If you’re just like the remainder of us, you almost certainly want to forget the year 2021 ever happened. Luckily, the U.S. Mint has its 2020 Coin and Currency Set. it’s going to have only been a year ago, but to some, it looks like eons.

This product was the primary time the Mint produced a kid-focused coin and currency set. The set includes five proof coins and a $2 Federal Reserve System note. The note included maybe a $2 Series 2009 note from one among the subsequent Federal Reserve System Banks: Cleveland, Atlanta, or Chicago. the planning on the rear of the note depicts the “Signing of the Declaration of Independence” supported John Trumbull’s painting.

The five proof coins included are the Lowell National Historical Park in Massachusetts, the American cemetery within the Northern Mariana Islands, War within the Pacific National Historical Park in Guam, for San Antonio Missions National Historical Park in Texas, and therefore the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness in Idaho quarters. the value is $24.95.

So, if you would like to point out to your child a time once you could attend places like these without having to wear a mask, get them the gift of simpler times.

Buy Them a Membership
Paper Money Guaranty (PMG) and Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) are services that coin and folding money collectors can use to access data about coins and folding money pricing. Collectors can submit their coins and folding money to those services to possess them graded, appraised, encapsulated, etc., then sent back. folding money Guaranty is concentrated totally on folding money whereas Professional Coin Grading Service caters to both coin and folding money collectors.

Paper Money Guaranty (PMG)
Besides the free membership of $0, there are paid options available for a membership with PMG that comes with perks. There are three paid options: $25, 149, and 299. For $25 (Associate), members get full access to online resources, direct submission privileges, and 10 percent off PMG Storage bags and choose add-on services.

For $149 (Premium), members get all Associate privileges plus $150 credit with PMG. And for $299 (Elite), members get all benefits of the Associate and Premium memberships plus 10 percent off PMG grading, NGC grading, and NCS conservation.

Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and PCGS Bank Note
Last year, Professional Coin Grading Service launched PCGS Bank Note, a service for grading bank note submissions. Gifters can gift the banknote collector(s) in their lives with a PCGS Collectors Club membership. There are three paid options: Silver ($69), Gold ($149), and Platinum ($249).

The silver option gives members access to members-only shows, direct submission privileges, 10 percent off PCGS supplies, complimentary RCMR annual subscription, Long Beach Expo show access, and a quarterly grading special. The Gold option gives members all the Silver privileges plus four complimentary coin gradings; the Platinum gives members all Silver and Gold privileges plus four more extra coin gradings (8 total) and an embroidered gold shield polo.

$20 Designs in Motion
If you’ve got a banknote scholar on your hands, the U.S. Mint features a $20 Designs in Motion set as a part of their “Premium Currency Products.” This set includes a Series 2001 $20 note, Series 2004 $20 note, leatherette case, and a certificate of authenticity. The notes have matching low serial numbers from the Federal Reserve System Bank of Dallas and are encapsulated in plastic, acid-free clear protective covering displaying both the face and back of the notes. The Mint also throws during a historic, full-color illustrated booklet on the evolution of the $20 note since 1863, with a quick description of every note. the value for the set is $135, so confirm the person you’re buying it for is on the “Nice” list. Otherwise, you’ll always treat yourself.

This, and therefore the 2019 Youth Coin and Currency Set, are often ordered through the U.S. Mint website at

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