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Goalkeeper Story – Soccer!

Saad is a lazy, lethargic boy. His friends work hard while he is asleep, and all of his friends hope to reach the World Cup, but he is not interested in what they say and he is oblivious to what they are doing. But when their match came with another club, everyone trained except Saad, as he was sleeping, dreaming to win, but without making or even an iota of effort, the match approached and approached, but Saad did not train as a goalkeeper. The match came and Saad did not train for his work, because in the match he was leaning on the wall, sleeping, and dreaming of his team’s victory.

Then his friend Badr comes and says to him: Hey .. Saad, wake up, don’t you see that we are in a match ?! He wakes up and then goes back to sleep, and his friend Rashid comes and says to him: Ooof .. are you still asleep? Oh my Lord … when will you wake up. He wakes up and goes back to sleep, and the situation continued like this for a period of the match until the opposing team became eight and they were zero…

so that the coach was angry at Saad’s reckless behavior and took him out, and instead put in the player Hassan, because he is energetic and energetic as usual. The result changed, and it became eight to six .. until Saad’s team became nine and the other team became eight, and the situation continued until the match ended, at which point the coach rewarded Hassan for his great performance as a goalkeeper, and of course, he rewarded the rest of the players for their efforts, including Rashid, Badr, Muhammad, and others, and several matches continued. In this case, Saad switches to another player, but the coach is fed up with Saad’s unenviable behavior.

He was expelled from the whole team, and Saad grieved for those actions that he was doing in front of the audience, so it is certain that half of the audience was laughing at his actions, no, and why only half of the audience? Rather, the whole public laughs at him, as he always hears in the news the victory of the Tigers team, he is his team, but he wanted to feel that pride and pride in front of everyone, which his friends feel now, but now he has changed after the coach dismissed him. He went to the coach and asked him to return him to his place, so he accepted the coach, but a condition that he should not come back again and sleep on the edges of the goal, and Saad really changed a lot and became Star.