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Monkey and Turtle

Once upon a time a beautiful monkey was living in the monkey kingdom and assuming power, but a young monkey came and expelled the monkey from the government and took his place and then expelled him from the monkey house forever, and the old monkey went to live on the bank of a river above a tree, and while he was eating figs a large fig fell His hand, so he was impressed by the sound of it hitting and falling in the water, and he started to throw more figs while laughing and enjoying the sound in the water, and at that time he was a turtle in the water. So the turtle was terrified in accompanying the monkey, so she went out to him and befriended him in affection and love, and the turtle did not return to her home, so the husband and her children worried about her, and when she remembered her children, she decided to return.

So I found the husband sad and one of her children was sick, the husband said that one of the children is sick and needs a monkey’s heart to heal, so the treating doctor said that, and here the turtle thought about what the husband said. And how to prepare a monkey’s heart for the sake of her child? I thought whether I betrayed my friend the monkey and killed him to get his heart, for the sake of my only child and my husband, but she thought that she had pledged to fulfill, so the turtle said to herself, This is impossible, I will not do, but what about my only child will die, so I decided to kill The monkey took his heart and left her husband and her sick child, so she went to the monkey on the tree and said to him, How are you, my friend? I invite you to visit my house on Fruit Island, and you will like it very much.

My friend, why are you sad? The turtle said, “I am sad because my son is seriously ill and will die if I do not treat him.” The monkey said, and what is its treatment, said the turtle. The doctor said that his medicine is the heart of a monkey, and I am ashamed of you, my friend, and here he understood the trick monkey and that the turtle would kill him for his heart. Before I leave my house and my tree, do you not know that we are monkeys? If we travel we leave our hearts with our family or in our homes, the turtle said: And where is your heart now, O monkey, the monkey said, My heart is above the tree my friend, said the turtle with joy and she believed the monkey, Let’s go, so let’s go back with it.

The two went back together, to the tree, and the monkey climbed up, and the turtle shouted in a loud voice: Come on, my friend, bring your heart down, my friend. I deceived you too, and we will never return to what we were before.

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