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Shadow of Her Love Magic – The Battle of Hearts

They say that between hate and love there is only one step, but among friendship and love,
there are a thousand steps. George was a troubled young man but not more than any other person
of his age. He had a staggering understanding of various concepts but one, love. He could not
understand how a feeling, which he considered a vice more than an emotion, could control
people and make them change their personality and even lose their life to it. Maybe it was
because his love life had been a disaster.

Some people even said that he had a stone heart; since it
appeared as if he did not have any feelings, and honestly it seemed as if he had begun to live up
to that premise. He was not interested in having a relationship with anyone, he was a lone wolf.
He walked by himself and he preferred that no one interferes in his life, to be more specific, in his
love life. Nevertheless, his feelings could provoke an internal battle between his brain and his
heart. That was the main reason for his artistic inclinations. His guitar and his piano were the
main conduct to let his feelings escape his troubled heart.

He had many relationships in his life, none of them were successful. He never really fell in
love with them. He had almost lost hope in that fantasy that some called love until one December
night he was invited to a small reunion with some friends. He attended, numbed to what was
about to happen and how his life would change significantly.
He walked into the house with his always faithful companions, a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, a
couple of beers, and of course, his Camel cigarettes. At his arrival he encountered some familiar
faces, he knew everyone there but one person. A woman who astonished him with her beauty.
Her name is Marianne.

The gathering went normally, except for one thing. George’s attention was on Marianne.
Whilst everyone was speaking, he would look at her profound eyes, even when he was talking to
everybody else at the table. He felt a different vibe from her, something he had never
experimented with before, and a forgotten feeling knocked at his door again. When the time came, he
walked her to her car. When she saw her car leave, he noticed he had committed a substantial
mistake, he forgot to plea for her phone number. An hour after she had left, he decided it was
time to go home. Two friends went with him and stayed talking for about forty minutes. After
they left, he could not sleep, in his mind was attached to the remembrance of the lovely lady he
had just met, and the nightmare of not seeing her again, he had no way of contacting her.
A week went by and an idea crossed his mind. He asked the friend who hosted the party
for her phone number. So, he decided to call him.

Soon after George contacted Marianne, he became astounded by her startling personality.
She was exceptionally divergent to every other woman he had ever spoken to. Maybe it was her
breath-taking beauty that caught his eye, but it was her personality that clenched his entire
However, we live in a curious world, and one day a woman, who was nothing more than an
almost forgotten memory came back to George’s life. Someone who he promised not to fall for
again. She was a great girl, she just was not right for him, and he was not right for her. He was
conscious of how wrong they could be for each other, and that with her, his heart was not in the
right place. Nonetheless, he decided to give their relationship one last chance. He endeavored
for the relationship to work but it was impossible to make it work. When love does not exist
among two people, it is idiotic to force a relationship. In due course, their relationship found its
epilogue after a small discussion in which Gorge realized they were just not right for each other.
During his relationship, George continued to speak with Marianne, who became a dear
friend of his. Their late-night talks became usual. He would play music to her whilst they spoke.
He cherished her company and began to develop feelings that he prohibited having again
towards her.

The moment when his past relationship was nothing more than memories and forgotten
feelings. And with that moment, George felt he was ready to utter his feelings to Marianne.
Notwithstanding, Marianne felt the wound was still fresh, after all, the termination happened
only a month and a half ago.
They stopped talking temporarily after that night. Unexpectedly, Gorge missed his
conversations with Marianne. An unfamiliar emotion for him since he had never missed someone
before. A couple of months went by and George decided to contact Marianne again, but it did not
last for long. George was experimenting with an unusual pain, he could not understand it, and so
it provoked his rage. He could neither control nor understand his emotions, it was very confusing
October arrived and George decided to contact Marianne. He felt it was the right time, for
he had finally learned how to control his feelings and act wisely. They began to speak once
again, and everything was going well. They would speak almost every day.
Marianne’s help was essential for George in his hardest moments. Nevertheless, she was
there to share his exaltation when life showed him a better face. She represented an important
part of George’s life.
Eventually, and against George’s expectations, his feelings for her came back but this time
he was not going to allow them to numb his judgment. So, he allowed those feelings to be the
inspiration for writing her seven love stories, in which he would express his feelings for her and
finally give them to her as a final gesture of his feelings for her.