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The story of Freedom of The Wolf

Children want to hear some stories before bedtime, as they very much enjoy these stories, and the stories before bedtime are characterized by being a kind of artistic literature, and this literature is inspired by reality or imagination. Children’s bedtime stories are among the fun educational and educational methods for children, as they have good moral and educational values and work to expand their intellectual horizons and make them have a great capacity for imagination.

Once upon a time in a faraway village, near the forest, there was a hungry wolf who had not tasted the taste of meat for days and was very hungry. He started searching in the forest for an animal to eat, but he was exhausted and could not hunt any animal. He was hungry, and there he found a very fat dog and he was very happy and he was sitting and guarding the owner’s house. The wolf thought of pouncing on the dog and devouring it, but the dog was very fat and huge, so the wolf was afraid of pouncing, approached him and said to him good morning, handsome dog, so how wonderful you are is a fat and beautiful dog, you must eat so much The dog proudly replied, saying: Good morning, wolf, thank you.

Would you like to eat like me and eat a lot and be in good health, instead of wasting and weakness in your body? Then the wolf said with great enthusiasm, and how can I be like you, fat dog, tell me, return the dog with pride, you will not do anything difficult, what you have to do is chase thieves and intruders to your master’s house, and please your master and follow him constantly, my friend, and he will give you all the leftovers of food, meat, and some fun and will not Nothing is prevented from you. The wolf began to imagine the happiness that he would be in, with a lot of food, drink, play, and comfort, and no one bothered to eat a lot and a lot of leftovers for his owner. Then the wolf saw the dog’s neck and it was completely devoid of hair.

The wolf said, this means that you will not run whenever you want, the dog replied, no, but it does not matter, run when my master wants to run, lean wolf, and here the wolf came back quickly and ran quickly and said: No, freedom is a very important thing, fat dog, and I will not exchange my freedom for the rest Food, hunger is much better than satiety with no freedom and restriction, and then the wolf ran away from the dog back to the forest to search for any food to fill his hunger.



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