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The Story of The confused Cat

One day there was a beautiful cat and this cat was called a cat, but
this cat did not like its shape and was very upset when she looked at herself in the mirror, and she always spent her time observing
different animals.

And she dreamed that she would be able to fly like a bird, and one day she dreamed that she was able to swim like a fish, and
another day she dreamed that she could run very fast like a cheetah in the forests, and all these fantasies were preventing her from
knowing what distinguished her from other creatures.
One day, a cat was playing near a lake, and she saw a small duck swimming in the lake, so she wished to be able to swim in the lake like a duck and she really tried that, but she could not swim well so she got out of the water and walked angry, heading home.

I saw a rabbit jumping and he was happy eating carrots while he was enjoying it, so Kotata wished to become a rabbit, and when
she tried to jump like a bunny, she could not do that and said, I will eat carrots like a rabbit, but the taste did not like it, because
cats do not like carrots, so I walked cats heading to her house and saw A flock of sheep that admired their thick wool and
beautiful shape and imagined themselves to become a sheep and went home quickly.
And she kept looking for a piece of wool in the closet of the house, and when she found it, she
wrapped it around herself and walked happy with the herd, but this wool made her cats feel very
hot that she could not bear, so she became very sad and removed this wool from her and walked

While she was walking on the road she found a tree and sat underneath it and she sang, so she
passed by a giraffe, and she said to her, O my God, your voice is beautiful. I wish I could sing
like you, cat, so the cat smiled and was very pleased when she heard it.
But I heard an old voice saying, “Save me,” so I went quickly to the place of the sound, where I
found a large snake trying to bite this old woman and it was unable to defend itself and the cat
was able to hit this snake with its strong claws
And the cat was actually able to save the old woman from the snake, and the old woman was
happy for that and thanked the cat for what she had done and said to her, thank your Lord for
these strong claws, and when the cat stood at the door, I found a tired turtle, so I asked her what
is wrong with you, so the turtle said, I heard your voice, Grandma, but I could not save you and me
could not Arriving in time due to my slow movement, the cat thanked its lord for its speed, in

The grandmother answered the turtle and said to her, “The cat has saved me, but I am sure that I
will need you, turtle one day, since God created every creature and has its function in this life for
which He was created, so you must thank God for the blessings that He bestowed upon you, and
the cat and the turtle smiled and said.” Yes, grandmother, indeed, we are fortunate with all the
blessings that God bestowed upon us, and we do not forget to thank God for all these blessings.

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