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The story Turtle that lost its Shell

There was a turtle consuming a leaf of lettuce thrown during a field, and suddenly I detected a roaring sound: Finally…
I knew World Health Organization destroyed my field ..! The turtle explored, saw a displeased man, and said: Please, sir, forgive me, I used to be terribly hungry.

Hungry … hey … you’re a crook, albeit you only Ate a little lettuce leaf. What a stingy man you’re…
I growled the turtle, Mister .. and here the person was angry at hearing these words. Well then… I
will cause you to pay money for your words… I will be able to kick off this defend that covers your back And before the turtle was ready to open its mouth, the person grabbed its defend gratingly whereas riant whereas the turtle was crying, and so proceeded locomotion, shivering from the cold, and fear, towards the nearby forest, wherever it began to cry with a trembling voice. Why area unit you crying turtle?

The hedgehog asked her… The turtle wiped her tears together with her hand, and she or he began to inform them
her story the cruel man World Health Organization snatched her defend… And once she finished telling her story, he crows aforementioned to her: It’s okay… I will be able to attend the lettuce field at once and obtain you defend.

As for the hedgehog, he aforementioned to her:
As for me, I will be able to sew the defend for you once more, with one among these sturdy needles.
Shortly once, he came to the turtle it’s stunning defend, and was elegant once more.