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Too Many Rotten Hearts – Sad Stories

Alex was a thirteen-year-old boy who lived in New York with his parents. A popular boy,
he was admired by every single one of his friends. He was particularly known for his loyalty, and
it was said of him that his help was always just a simple phone call away. But there was one girl,
his best friend, Jennifer, who he was significantly close to. They had a friendship that some
might have confused with something more than mere comradery, something deeper and more

Alex was not a big fan of love and relationships, but Jennifer was different. Alex had
endured watching her suffer for many different boyfriends, one after the other. He thought that
guys who really didn’t care about her. Alex was the exact opposite of the boys she
pursued. The nice guy, always there to comfort her; he was her shoulder to cry on, usually while
listening to Michael Bolton. She would cry, and he would be there to dry her tears.
The years went by and Alex became a very fine young adult. By then he was seventeen
and close to leaving for college. His entire life had been meticulously organized. He knew
exactly what he was going to do the next day, the next week, the next month, and even the
following year. Contrarily, Jennifer was an absolute disaster: she didn’t know what was next in
her life and believed in living the moment without giving any thought to the future.
Their lives were very different than they had been when they were thirteen years old, but
there were some constants: the first was their deeply close relationship, and the other Jennifer’s
disastrous love life. Time and time again, she would fall in love with imbecile after imbecile who
would break her heart and make her feel foolish. But no matter how many times she showed up
at his house with mascara running down her cheeks, Alex was always eager to remind her how
valuable she was.

Alex had also had a couple of relationships, but they would end terribly because he was,
as his partners would describe him, too good to be true. Sometimes they would even tell him he
was too “nice” for them, whatever that was supposed to mean. He hated it. Nevertheless, he was
never very interested in having a relationship; he felt it was just a waste of time, preferring to
concentrate his energies on his studies. He wanted to be a lawyer someday, and his dream school
was Oxford. His academic record was almost perfect, and so he had already begun to work on
his applications. Jennifer wanted to follow him, and as unrealistic as it might have sounded, she
was also very academically gifted, however, her real passion was partying as hard as the 80s
Rockstar. Some of her friends would even joke that she could drink more Jack Daniel’s than
Lemmy Kilmister himself, and smoke more Purple Haze than Jimi Hendrix.

Eventually, they turned eighteen, and the day on which they would have to leave New
York for university loomed. They both were very excited but sad to leave their beloved city.
Jennifer said goodbye to Ethan, her boyfriend at the time, as they both arrived at Heathrow and
took a train to Oxford; expecting a new life, different from what they were used to.
Alex adapted well to typical college life, spending his days reading and studying.
Jennifer on the other hand continued with her heady lifestyle, spending her night’s bar hopping.